Scanning Copying Review

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Electronic Data


  • B/W & Color - Document Scanning, Copying & Printing
  • eDiscovery
  • B/W & Color - Oversize Printing and Mounting
  • Electronic Data and Documents Formatting

We are working on making this experience for you and your company informational.

Hosting Electronic Media


  • Electronic Data Discovery and Processing - eDISCOVERY
  • Computer Forensics
  • Electronic Document Management Consulting Services
  • Document Scanning Company and Copying
  • Oversize Print Color and Black/White
  • Large Foam Board Mounting
  • Binding
<img src="image.png" alt="Services for electronic data and documents">


All your needs for:

Computer forensics - Print and document scanning company

<img src="image.png" alt="Services for electronic data and documents">

Litigation Support Services

Electronic data Discovery - eDISCOVERY-

Copying - Scanning -

Foam Board Mounting

Oversize - printing

Knoxville - Nashville - Tri Cities Tennessee

Litigation Support Services

Your One Stop Source for Printing, Scanning, Oversize B/W & Color, Foam Board Mountings and Binding!

eDDS can discuss with you about reducing the paper inside of your filing cabinets to electronic media, thus freeing up square footage and space so your office can grow in its current footprint.

Litigation Support Services and Specialists onsite to help you with your projects.



  • Extremely fast and the quality we expected.  Cost was better then anyone. Friendly service. We will use again without a doubt. Thank you for all you do for us.

Ryan K

  • One of the best around. Honest and dedicated to helping us just like one of our own. Service outbeats the past companies. We love working with Ray!


  • We couldn't be happier to have chosen eDDS to help us out.  Friendly, Fast and very reasonably priced.....Saved more then using that other company! We will be back for more work to be done. We aren't a big company, but Ray made us feel like we were the biggest! That made me and our experience with him priceless.


  • This company has helped us out so many times. We aren't located in Tennessee but have found them to be responsive to our needs and our cient's. Completely professional and understanding.